Group, Individual & Family Therapy Services in St Louis MO

We Work With Individuals, Families, & Groups

Individual Therapy St. Louis

Here we focus on the mental health symptoms and stressors often associated with having a family member in active addiction.  In addition we focus on trauma, codependency, family roles, coping mechanisms, substance use education, and other related topics.

Family Therapy St Louis, MO

When clinically indicated, we work with you and your loved ones together to rebuild family trust, explore relational dynamics, improve communication, and create a plan to move forward substance free. 

Group Therapy

In group therapy you will meet with other individuals who are going through a similar experience as you.  We offer spouse and parent specific groups to assist in establishing a support network, learn new skills and gain support from others.

Family Coordination

If you have a loved one who is receiving services within the Sana Lake umbrella, when applicable our staff members will coordinate with their clinical teams to assist family healing.

Why do families need a therapuetic healing program?

The persistent and chronic effects of being in relationship with someone with substance use take a much bigger toll than many people recognize. Being in a heightened state of vigilance increases cortisol levels and dysregulates your nervous system. Over time many people become accustomed to living with an unhealthy stress level.  Feelings of powerlessness, anger and frustration are regular occurrences. Health problems develop and your mental health can become impacted.

In addition, the generational trauma of living in addiction means family members often repeat learned behaviors and patterns in all their primary relationships. Replacing these ingrained patterns with recovery-oriented behaviors breaks the cycle of addiction in the family. This ensures sustained recovery by creating a recovery-focused environment for everyone.